Luminol Field Kit, 8 oz


Luminol is a well-known and widely used method for the visualization of blood stains. This highly sensitive technique is commonly utilized to locate very dilute blood or areas where attempts have been made to wash away the blood and to visualize previously invisible bloody footwear impressions at crime scenes. In the past, Luminol has been problematic to use at crime scenes because of the tedious measuring and mixing required. We offer a premixed and premeasured formulation for Luminol that removes the hassle. Just take one vial of the Luminol reagent, add to water, shake gently, and spray the suspected area with a pump sprayer or spray head. Luminol Field Kits are particularly useful in searching large areas for the presence of blood traces. Each kit contains a spray-head bottle, measured amount of liquid reagent, pre-weighed vial of powdered reagent, a known sample of bloodstained material, a pair of gloves, and complete instructions.

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